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Crest Mahico
Zambia - A shed filled with corn

Crest Mahico (58) from Zambia used to be an independent farmer. With the help of his wife Gaudencia (44) he worked hard to support their family, 4 children and a grandchild.

Unfortunately, he fell ill. His illness progressed and Crest turned weaker and weaker. He became this fragile his family feared he might die. Arrangements were being made to be able to pay for the coming funeral.

A member of EFZ (Evangelical Fellowship Zambia), a partner organization of Woord en Daad,  heard about this situation and brought this family a basic food package, filled with vegetables, vitamins, rice and corn.

Due to the healthy food Crest gained strength. Besides food he also received new plants and fertilizer and advice how to improve the soil on his farm. Now his vegetable garden looks great. “I was seriously ill, but now I’m strong enough to work again”, he happily tells us. “The shed is filled with corn!” Crest now grows more food than he and his family need. The extra he sells. “That’s how we can pay for our children to go to school.”


It took a while before Crest was able to accept the help offered. First he didn’t think it was necessary, although he grew weaker and weaker. He was used to be the person who took care of the family. No is advice to others is: “Do accept help offered. Sometimes you can’t handle everything by yourself.”