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Congo – On the run and back home again

Amida is a mother of 6 children. But during the war three have died. You can see the grief on her face. Together with her husband Biguba she fled her village, seeking refuge in Uvira city. Now the situation is safe again and they returned to their own village, Lugambo Ake. But as they returned, they found out everything was ruined. Fortunately she found a small house where she and her family can live.

Every day Amida tries to find a job. At the end of the day she hopes to be able to buy some food for her children. Her husband also tries to find a job, but it is difficult.  And if they were lucky to find a job to do, they often don’t get paid in money, because those people they work for don’t have money either. They get credit. But you can’t pay school with credit. That’s why only one of the three children can go to school. Going to school costs a lot: 2000 Congolese Francs.


Last month Amida received tools and seeds from ZOA. After sowing the seeds Amida now takes care of her own garden hoping they can harvest soon. Until then she still depends on other jobs. But when she has her harvest in, she can provide her family with sufficient food, and sell the extra cassava at the market. With the money earned, Amida wants to save a little for medicine. With the money her children can to go to school.


What she expects from the future? She really has no idea, but she knows God will provide. She hopes for a good harvest so she and her family will have enough to eat. The next season she’ll get a next batch of seeds and complimentary tools by ZOA. That’s what gives her hope for a better future!