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Learning Module Fair Trade

A series of lessons about trade and conduct. Discover the world of trade and think about choices being made.

Lessons on Geography, Biology, Economy, Religious Education and Sociology.


Bitter sweet in Nicaragua

By: Charlot Lugtigheid

Rosa Esperanza is a widow living in the community of La Isla, Chichigalpa district, Nicaragua. “My grandfather, parents and brothers all died from Chronic Kidney Failure (CKD). At this moment my three sons suffer from the same symptoms.” Her three sons work at Ingenio San Antonio, a large Agricultural complex producing not only sugar but ethanol and electricity as well. Ingenio San Antonio is responsible for 46% of the total sugar production in Nicaragua and offers the biggest source of employment in the North-western part of the country. But the complex not only supplies jobs for labourers and their families but illnesses and death as well.

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