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Learning Module Food

A 'nutritious' series of lessons appropriate for pupils in secondary school (aged 13-15). All pupils know food, like food, need food. But do they konw what food is all about?

Social studies - Biology - Economy - Religious studies - Geography


Binwa and Byaombe

In a hospital in Fizi, East-Congo, two women are seated on their beds with a child on their lap. The mosquito nets have been pulled up. Some children walk up and down between the beds. Twenty-two-year old Binwa Wilonda sits with her son Isaac Alimasiel. Isaac, almost two years old, has been admitted to the hospital due to malnutrition. His 4 year old brother stayed home in Kalongwe village.

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Amida is a mother of 6 children. But during the war three have died. You can see the grief on her face. Together with her husband Biguba she fled her village, seeking refuge in Uvira city. Now the situation is safe again and they returned to their own village, Lugambo Ake. But as they returned, they found out everything was ruined. Fortunately she found a small house where she and her family can live.

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Crest Mahico

Crest Mahico (58) from Zambia used to be an independent farmer. With the help of his wife Gaudencia (44) he worked hard to support their family, 4 children and a grandchild.

Unfortunately, he fell ill. His illness progressed and Crest turned weaker and weaker. He became this fragile his family feared he might die. Arrangements were being made to be able to pay for the coming funeral.

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